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Be a star! You're a paid TV Special performer on tour. Your goal: to win the TOP STAR AWARD by getting to FINISH first with at least $10,000!


Choose a banker. Banker gives each player $3000 to start. Each player picks a playing piece and places it at START. CUE CARDS and TV SPECIAL CARDS are placed face down on board. Each player spins the spinner. Highest number goes first. Play follows clockwise. Players move in direction of arrows. All spaces and TV Special places count as one space.


When a player lands on a spot marked CUE CARD, he picks top card, does what it says, then returns it to bottom of stack. TV SPECIAL CARDS
When a player lands on a space marked TV SPECIAL CARD, he picks a TV SPECIAL CARD from the top and places it face up in front of him. So everyone can see it. He now tries to get to that location (example: Las Vegas) to perform. To get to location he must travel around board as usual, but does not need exact number to get onto the TV SPECIAL LOCATION (example: player is 3 spaces from the location and spins a 6, he can move onto location and perform.

To perform the TV SPECIAL, a player spins the spinner and receives amount on outer ring of spinner (example: A HIT SHOW, GET $3000). If he has 2 or 3 TV SPECIAL CARDS for that same location, he spins once for each TV SPECIAL CARD he has, then returns cards to bottom of stack. A player can have any number of TV SPECIAL CARDS.


If someone lands on a space with another player on it (and that space is not a TV SPECIAL CONCERT LOCATION, the second can move the first player to any TV SPECIAL LOCATION. A player on a TV SPECIAL LOCATION cannot be moved by another player.
There are two spaces on the board that tell you to go to a TV SPECIAL LOCATION and put on a SPECIAL. You do not need a TV SPECIAL CARD to do this.
If a player runs out of money and cannot pay an expense, he goes back to start, loses all his TV SPECIAL CARDS, collects $3000 and begins again on his next turn.

5) END of GAME

A player with at least $10,000 can start toward TOP STAR AWARD. He can spin exact number needed or more. First player to get to FINISH with $10,000 wins and gets TOP STAR AWARD.

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